Stock glass items on hand.  Projects complete in 1 - 2 days.

Wine Glass 10.5 oz.

2 for $15.00
One side engraved

Champagne Flute 5.5 oz.

2 for $15.00
One side engraved

Pub Pint

2 for $15.00
One side engraved

Beer Mug 25 oz.

$10.00 each
One side engraved

Cooler 16.25 oz. Pilsner 14 oz. Bud Vase or Tall Shot Glass
Rectangular Vase
Rocks 12.25 oz.

 2 Engraved Flutes or 2 Wine glasses
with 2 lines of text

$15.00 a pair - Yes, that includes the glassware!

2 Personalized Champagne Flutes
Glass Champagne Flutes Fonts

 Engraved Flutes or Wine Glasses with Custom Logos

Email for pricing.

Custom Flutes Chirstina & Sam Custom Flutes Laura & Grant Custom Flutes RACE
Glass Christina & Sam clipart
Glass Laura & Grant clipart
Glass RACE Logo
Glass Vase

Glass Flower Vase

Custom image and 2 custom lines of text.
$45.00 plus shipping.

Glass Vase Mayo Clinic

Glass Flower Vase

2 sides custom engraved.
$50.00 plus shipping.

Mayo Vase Back
In Loving Memory Vase

Glass Rectangle Vase
In Loving Memory
$40.00 plus shipping

Candle Holder
Candle Holder

Candle Holder
$10.00 plus shipping

Will you Marry me - Vase

Bud Vase
1 3/4” x 7 1/2 H
$10.00 plus shipping

Custom lettering with hearts is the same price.

Be mine - Vase
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